Mom and Baby Action Network

Rooting out inequities in maternal and infant health.

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Leading change across policy, research, funding and systems

The Mom and Baby Action Network (M-BAN) is a national action-oriented coalition of cross-sector partners leading broad changes in policy, research, funding and systems to address inequities in maternal and infant health.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve equity in maternal and infant health outcomes by centering the voices and experiences of local communities and mobilizing partners, companies, organizations, subject matter experts, policy-makers, advocates and leaders nationally around a common agenda and shared metrics of success.

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How We'll Accomplish Our Vision

  • Building on our Guiding Principles and the Birth Equity Consensus Statement.
  • Facilitating a results-based approach to our collective work through the regular monitoring and sharing of common metrics of success, both at the population and performance measure levels. 
  • Convening dedicated national workgroups and engaging local place-based collaboratives to accelerate the implementation of policy, research, systems, funding and programmatic solutions that advance the five overarching strategies identified in the National Equity Framework.

March of Dimes serves as the backbone organization for M-BAN, providing technical assistance, guidance, training, tools, resources and communication platforms to effectively connect partners and accelerate collective action.

March of Dimes is an active collaborator and partner directly working to advance programs, research and policies to ensure that every mom and baby is healthy.

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Partnering with Organizations for Change

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Every family can have the best possible start. But today, too many moms and babies are dying or experiencing serious health complications related to childbirth­—and far too many are moms and babies of color. Only by working together can we confront inequities and ensure the health and wellbeing of every family.

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