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How We Work Together

Only by working together can we address the maternal and infant health crisis impacting families across the U.S.

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Our Approach

The Mom and Baby Action Network and Local Collective Impact Initiatives are building cross-sector partnerships to address the root causes of inequities in maternal and infant health.

As a proven approach to addressing complex social challenges, we know that Collective Impact can help us set a clear path forward utilizing the strength of multiple stakeholders at the national and local levels working together.

National Equity Framework

We are guided by a common National Birth Equity Framework centered on advancing five strategies identified by 600 partners and subject matter experts as crucial in addressing the root causes of maternal and infant health inequities.


Dismantle Racism and Address Unequal Treatment

Racism and bias get under one's skin, leading to poor health and birth outcomes. We're identifying structural and institutional policies and practices that exacerbate these outcomes and advocating for change.


Increase Access to Quality Health Care

Without access to quality health care moms and babies face an increased risk of mortality and morbidity. We advocate for policies and programs to increase access to quality, affordable health care regardless of race, income or location.


Promote Environmental Justice

Pregnant people exposed to environmental threats like high temperatures and air pollution are more likely to suffer serious maternal and infant health complications. We're addressing inequities in toxic exposures and climate change threats to ensure all moms and babies are healthy and strong.


Advance Economic Opportunity

Policies and practices, such as redlining and exclusion of communities of color from economic opportunity, have led to inequities in intergenerational wealth that impact health and birth outcomes. We advocate for funding and programs that disrupt lifelong economic insecurity and invest in the wellbeing and financial stability of families.


Build Safe and Connected Communities

Numerous facets of community life impact maternal and infant health. We support investments in thriving neighborhoods, health services, transportation, healthy food, community spaces and workforce development.



Our local collective impact locations

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Every family can have the best possible start. But today, too many moms and babies are dying or experiencing serious health complications related to childbirth­—and far too many are moms and babies of color. Only by working together can we confront inequities and ensure the health and wellbeing of every family.

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