Strengthen Economic Security Working Group

Disrupting lifelong economic insecurity to improve the health of moms, babies and families.

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To improve birth outcomes, we must further economic security by supporting families with programs and policies that increase access to living wages and workforce development, quality housing and education, childcare and beyond.

This working group will take actions that include:

  • Advocating for funding and programs that increase access to safe and affordable quality housing 
  • Supporting increased access to quality affordable childcare, free preschool and pre-kindergarten 
  • Supporting community workforce development
  • Identifying and implementing programs to bring fresh and affordable foods to communities
  • Promoting the scale-up of novel systems approaches to help disrupt lifelong economic insecurity (i.e., universal basic income and baby bonds) 

Recruiting Co-Chairs

We're currently recruiting co-chairs to lead this working group. If you would like to explore this volunteer opportunity or nominate a colleague, please email contact us.

Working Group Members

This working group will be launching soon. Please join the Mom and Baby Action Network and share your interest in this working group, please contact us.

News and Resources

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Every family can have the best possible start. But today, too many moms and babies are dying or experiencing serious health complications related to childbirth­—and far too many are moms and babies of color. Only by working together can we confront inequities and ensure the health and wellbeing of every family.

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