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Reducing preterm birth and maternal mortality rates in 9 U.S. communities

Our Local Collective Impact Initiatives mobilize cross-sector organizations and community members locally to address the underlying challenges impacting moms and babies and deploy strategies to improve rates of preterm birth and maternal mortality.

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How We Work

This is a multi-year effort that will require time to build shared agendas, infrastructure and community partnerships and then implement strategies to create real, measurable change in these 9  U.S. communities.

This work requires us to:

  • Share information broadly about the current state of maternal and infant health with key leaders, policy makers, decision makers, families and residents.
  • Engage cross-sector partners, including individuals affected by the challenges, who can collaborate and mobilize towards improvement.
  • Create a shared agenda with strategies that will drive change and reduce racial disparities.
  • Collect, analyze and report data to set a baseline of key performance measures for improvement.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement and evaluation around reducing prematurity and maternal mortality rates.
  • Build and expand upon existing resources to maximize impact.

Our Local Collective Impact Locations

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