San Antonio, TX

We are working together to address the issues furthering health inequities for families in San Antonio.

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Our Work Together

Partnering with local government, state leaders, corporate health partners and community-based organizations and stakeholders, our Local Collective Impact Initiative will confront challenges by building solutions to achieve health and racial equity for all moms and babies.

Challenges Facing Local Moms and Babies

San Antonio is among the fastest growing cities in the nation with 1.5 million residents and more than 26,000 live births a year. It is the largest U.S. city with a majority Chicano/Mexican-American population (60.3%). The city also faces challenges, such as poverty and economic segregation, inadequate access to prenatal care and lack of insurance, which help fuel the local maternal and infant health crisis. High rates of poverty and low rates of educational attainment are found to the East and West of downtown, areas that were historically redlined and that have the highest percentages of people of color. These same areas that were historically marginalized are presently experiencing gentrification and displacement. These factors contribute to high rates of preterm birth and infant mortality, particularly for communities of color.

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San Antonio, 2017-2019 Average

Bexar, 2017-2019 Average


Bexar County, 2016-2018 Average

San Antonio, 2017-2019 Average

Judit Vega

Director Maternal Child Health Collective Impact

Phone: 210-215-7241


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Every family can have the best possible start. But today, too many moms and babies are dying or experiencing serious health complications related to childbirth­—and far too many are moms and babies of color. Only by working together can we confront inequities and ensure the health and wellbeing of every family.

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